We’re proud to launch our very own

Over several years, here at Holroyd Howe, we have prioritised supporting our schools with education sessions from our experts; even through challenging times, we continue this.

Our experts have developed a virtual resource to support teachers to educate pupils on food, nutrition and sustainability.

The resources are available for both Preparatory and Senior Schools to facilitate teachers in delivering a wide variety of subject topics, such as packaging and recycling, immunity and wellbeing, food waste and the basics of nutrition. In the future, advice will be provided on health and safety as well as interviews with Holroyd Howe team members about their career journeys.

Teachers can access interactive videos supported by presentations and worksheets that bring current affairs to the classroom through evidence-based and curriculum-focused information.

Talking about the launch, Holroyd Howe’s Managing Director of Operations, Amy Roberts, said: “Educating and engaging pupils on their food journey whilst in school has always been at the heart of what we do. This next phase of resources is perfectly timed to support home schooling, but we hope will form a consistent feature in classrooms into the future”.

We are so excited for our schools to be able to explore the Online Learning Platform and familiarise themselves with this exciting new resource.

Happy learning!

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