Continuing to Feed Independent Minds

Goodenough College in Central London is a residential college only.

It is a home for 700 post-graduate students from all over the world who come here year after year to study at numerous London universities.

We provide them with breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, 365 days of the year, rather like a large extended ‘Family.’

Since the lockdown many of the students (we call them Members)  have not been able to fly home and there are still 400 on site and 20 College staff who we also feed.

The team at Goodenough College, led by Paul Wilcock, have adapted the core service to a ‘takeaway’ format which respects social distancing and keeps our people, Members and college staff safe.

There have been over 30 Members and a few college staff who have been in self-isolation over the last 6 weeks. Paul and Krishna (Executive Head Chef) created a pre-order meal delivery service for each service which was very well received as well as a care pack of goodies to keep their spirits up during isolation.

Well done to all of the team who responded quickly and positively to the changes, we are very proud of the way they are working during this challenging time.

We’re grateful to be able to continue to provide a service to the Members and staff at Goodenough, but like everyone we are very much looking forward to relaunching a full service in the next few weeks and months.

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