Senior Leadership

Ian Thomas

Ian joined Holroyd Howe in January as our new Managing Director. Having been part of the WSH family for several years, firstly as Chief Executive of Bartlett Mitchell and more recently as Regional MD of BaxterStorey, he is dedicated to the integrity of the Holroyd Howe DNA and will continue to focus on our people,

Anita Atkins

Anita has many years’ experience in hospitality and the wider food industry driving food innovation & sustainability. She is passionate about helping schools become a force for good. She is always striving for new ways to inspire change and better, more sustainable processes and behaviours.

Sandra Oakes

Sandra leads our East Anglia & South East operations. Embracing our DNA and culture, she believes in empowering teams to engage their skill-set and deliver outstanding food, service and hospitality, whilst also embedding themselves within the culture of the school they serve.

Mark Lee

Mark Lee

Mark is a chartered environmental health practitioner with experience in both public and private sectors. He is passionate about promoting safety culture to ensure colleagues, customers and clients are protected and leads a fantastic team of environmental health professionals whose key objective is to keep safety simple

Nicola Quinn

Nicola Quinn

Nicola heads up an amazing sales team which oozes creativity and talent. She is driven by the company’s uniqueness and culture, and the freedom to create distinctive and individual solutions for each and every school she has the privilege of working with.

Nick Howe

Nick is truly proud of the thriving culture at Holroyd Howe, especially the energy, talent and commitment he observes every single day, from all teams.

Hannah Schofield

Hannah is proud of the service we deliver to our schools, marking her fondest memory so far as the launch of our partnership with the wonderful charity, Children of the Mountain.

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