Support Office

Sue Ward

Sue has worked within Learning & Development teams for over 32 years and is passionate about helping people to develop their skills, knowledge and behaviours to achieve their potential. “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” Chinese Proverb

Ellie Olds

Ellie works closely with our people and pupils alike, and she loves to educate our colleagues and clients about the wonders of nutrition and healthy food choices.  

Jodie Cavaye

Jodie and her team work hard to ensure that all communications and school marketing materials are not only engaging and inspiring, but relevant and educational for each target audience.

Hannah Irvine

Hannah Irvine

For Hannah, being part of Holroyd Howe provides her with the opportunity to make a real difference, and it’s the people and pupils she works with every day that make her smile.

Dan Collier

Dan Collier

For Dan, Holroyd Howe’s special touch lies in its family ethos. After working with us for 16 years, he has truly honed his flair for creating wonderful new food concepts.

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